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Pediatric Eye Exams Specialist

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The number of kids with poor vision is rapidly rising in America, with almost 40% of all children needing glasses today. At Eyes on Park, kid-friendly optometrist Irina Shiyan, OD, offers pediatric eye exams in a welcoming atmosphere. With regular eye exams, your child can maintain good eye health and see well throughout their whole life. Call the office in the Gramercy Park area in New York City or click on the provided scheduling link now.

Pediatric Eye Exams Q & A

What are pediatric eye exams?

Pediatric eye exams are vision and eye health examinations customized for children. Eyes On Park creates a comfortable atmosphere for young children with a focus on making eye appointments an easy and painless experience. 

About 40% of children have a vision problem that could potentially cause difficulties in learning or other areas of their life. Pediatric eye exams help to identify issues early so your child's vision never holds them back.

What happens during pediatric eye exams?

Pediatric eye exams test both vision and eye health. The traditional vision test includes reading a letter chart, but for young children who aren't quite sure of their letters just yet, their eye exams may include identifying recognizable shapes like squares and circles instead. 

Pediatric eye exams also include refraction tests, which identify the right prescription to optimize your child's vision if they need glasses. As your child grows, they may want to try contact lenses, for which they'll need an additional exam to measure their eye surface and ensure proper lens fit. 

In addition, a pediatric eye exam checks for issues like lazy eye (amblyopia) — the most common cause of decreased vision in kids today. Strabismus (crossed eyes) is another common childhood issue diagnosed during pediatric eye exams. 

Children often develop eye infections like pink eye (conjunctivitis), and a pediatric eye exam can recognize and treat such issues early.

Pediatric eye exams are far more extensive than the vision screening test that your child might have at school. A vision screening test only looks for obvious eyesight issues. Vision screenings alone miss up to three-quarters of childhood vision problems.

But, it doesn't look for underlying issues or eye health problems and also doesn't provide your child with a custom glasses prescription like a pediatric eye exam at Eyes On Park does. 

How often does my child need pediatric eye exams?

Eyes On Park offers pediatric eye exams starting at age four. The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye exam between the age of three and five, another one prior to starting grade school, and then annual exams until they finish school.

Schedule your child's pediatric eye exam at Eyes On Park by phone or through the online booking tool now.