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Dry Eyes Treatments


Say goodbye to dry eyes in the heart of
Gramercy Park, New York City!

We now offer Envision By Inmode System at Eyes on Park, your trusted destination for cutting-edge eye care.


Envision is the new in-office standard revolutionizing procedures in delicate areas like the periorbital region. This groundbreaking, nonsurgical device, deploys multiple programmable modalities which work synergistically to deliver precision treatments:


➤Forma-I: bipolar radiofrequency (RF)

➤Lumecca-I: intense pulsed light (IPL)


Envision's small-size applicators and precise depth control allow for safe and highly efficacious procedures in the small, more delicate subdermal layers of the periorbital region. With Envision, practitioners at Eyes on Park deliver non-drug therapies to improve patient quality of life and combat conditions like Dry Eyes. See it in action by watching the video below:



INMODE Lumecca Intense Pulse Light Treatment (IPL)

INMODE Lumecca Intense Pulse Light treatment (IPL) at Eyes on Park works to control the inflammatory process and to stop the vicious cycle of inflammation, reducing the need for medications. IPL treats ocular rosacea, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, and Inflammatory dry eye. It has been shown to decrease demodex and bacteria around the eyelids. The powerful bursts of light also close off blood vessels that release inflammation in ocular rosacea.



INMODE Forma Radiofrequency Treatment (RF)

INMODE Forma Radiofrequency treatment (RF) uses Radio-Frequency energy to generate heat, applied to the skin around the eyes. This heat stimulates collagen formation, bringing white blood cells and stem cells to the skin around your eyes while reducing inflammation. This treatment aids in opening up clogged meibomian glands, allowing for improved tear production and secretion, effectively addressing Dry Eyes. RF is usually followed by a Meibomian Gland expression. IPL and RF reverse the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production, giving you younger-looking eyes.



“I have experienced tremendous relief and noticed a significant improvement. This has given me a new lease on life.”








Your provider at Eyes on Park will recommend the ideal number of sessions based on your personal condition. Treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results for your Dry Eyes.



Most patients do not experience any side effects, and any skin reaction typically resolves within a few hours. There is no recovery period or downtime associated with these procedures, ensuring your convenience and comfort.



This is an innovative nonsurgical procedure that delivers bipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to smaller, more delicate subdermal layers, providing precise treatment to address Dry Eyes. Designed with unprecedented safety, the small size applicator, precision RF depth control, and intelligent temperature monitoring ensure a safe non-drug alternative.



Forma-I at Eyes on Park feels like a warm massage in the eye area, improving blood circulation. The small size applicator and precision RF depth control allow for treatment in small and delicate areas, addressing your specific Dry Eyes concerns.



Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) designed to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. Lumecca-I uses photothermolysis, which provides a photofacial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment. IPL has been FDA approved for more than 15 years to remove superficial skin lesions and also helps manage Dry Eyes.



Lumecca-I creates tissue heating, which helps to reduce inflammation and alleviate Dry Eyes. During treatment, there will be a bright flash of light and a sensation on your skin that feels like a light snap from an elastic band. Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subside within an hour.



All treatments are performed right in your physician’s office at Eyes on Park. As a result, there is no general anesthesia, no incisions, or downtime that is associated with excisional interventions. Most clients find the treatments very comfortable. Your provider will discuss in detail with you the specifics of your customized treatment plan and how it will address your individual Dry Eyes condition.



These treatments at Eyes on Park are recommended for patients who are seeking non-invasive procedures to address their symptoms, including Dry Eyes. The small size applicators allow for treatment in small and delicate areas. These are very safe and effective procedures that can be used on all skin types and skin tones, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.



What are dry eyes?

Dry eyes happen when your eyes don't make enough quality tears to keep your eyes comfortably lubricated. At least 16 million Americans have documented cases of dry eyes today, but the true number is likely much higher. 

Dry eyes are especially common in women, and the risk of dry eyes increases with every decade of life after age 40. 

Many people have chronic dry eyes and simply try to live with the issue because they don't know about the advanced solutions now available. 

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

Eye dryness is the obvious symptom, but there are also other issues when you have dry eyes. These can include:

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Burning
  • Stinging 
  • Grittiness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye fatigue
  • Feeling of a foreign body in your eye

Some people with dry eyes experience frequent eye-watering. While watery eyes may sound like the opposite of dry eyes, it's actually part of your body's reaction to the dryness. 

When your eyes are extremely dry, they can become so irritated that your eyes produce water in response. The water doesn't contain any of the oils and mucus found in healthy tears so it doesn't nourish your eyes and evaporates quickly. 

If dry eyes aren't treated, it could actually affect your vision, with blurriness being a common issue. You could also develop abrasions or ulcers on your cornea, which can be quite serious and potentially even cause vision loss. 

How are dry eyes diagnosed?

Dry eyes diagnosis includes a comprehensive eye exam at Eyes On Park. The eye exam checks your eyelids, corneas, and blink dynamics. You may also have a test to measure the amount and quality of tears you make. 

A thorough medical history is always part of dry eyes diagnosis. Certain underlying factors, such as thyroid disease, can lead to dry eyes so it's important to document all your health conditions and medications. 

Dry eyes can happen for many reasons, so finding any underlying issues can take some time. 

How are dry eyes treated?

Eyes On Park provides customized dry eyes treatment based upon your symptoms, lifestyle, and personal preferences. There are a few options, including:

  • Over-the-counter artificial tear drops
  • Prescription eye drops like Restasis®, Xiidra®, and Eysuvis®  
  • An FDA-approved nasal spray, Tyrvaya™ 
  • Punctal plugs — tear duct plugs

In addition to your medical treatment, you may need to make a few changes to fight dry eyes. For example, wearing sunglasses outdoors, taking frequent rests when working on your computer or using your phone, and drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

For help with dry eyes, call Eyes On Park or book an appointment using online scheduling today.



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